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Many thanks are sent to the people below who help with ALSA development, code, documentation, hardware or ideas. People or companies are sorted in the random order.

If someone is not listed, please, let me (Jaroslav Kysela) know - thank you.


Jaroslav Kysela < perex at >
code: main coder, designer, coordinator
admin: CVS/WWW/FTP/Mail-List administrator

Abramo Bagnara < abramo at >
code: general hacker, ESS ES-18xx driver, mixer interface

Takashi Iwai < tiwai at >
code: native sequencer hacker, general hacker, EMU8000/10K1 driver, emulator of OSS sequencer

Frank van de Pol < frank at >
code: ALSA sequencer prototype code and design

Clemens Ladisch < clemens at >
code: MIDI, USB, OPL4, CMI8788, general hacking

Jaromir Koutek < miri at >
code: ESS Solo-1 driver

Christian Fischbach < fishbach at >
code: ESS ES-1869 driver

Bob Holder < bholder at >
code: Trident 4DWave DX/NX driver

Steve Ratcliffe < steve at >
code: EMU8000 driver, MIDI emulation, native sequencer hacker

Paul Davis < paul at >
code: WaveFront (Tropez, Tropez+) driver
code: RME Hammerfall (RME9652) driver
code: RME HDSP driver

Thomas Charbonnel < thomas at >
code: RME HDSP driver
code: hdspmixer and hdsploader

Anders Torger < torger at >
code: RME Digi96 driver

Matze Braun < MatzeBraun at >
code: ESS Maestro 1/2/2E driver

Haroldo Gamal < gamal at >
code: Korg 1212 IO driver

Alan Robinson < robinson at >
documentation: corrections for alsa-lib documentation

Fred Floberg < emng at >
documentation: corrections for alsa-lib documentation

Tim Janik < timj at >
code: old (up to 0.2.x) alsamixer code

Andy Lo A Foe < arloafoe at >
code: base amixer code, API testing

Paul Winkler < zarmzarm at >
documentation: manual pages and README for amixer and alsamixer

Christopher T. Lansdown < lansdoct at >
code: xamixer

Jan ONDREJ < ondrejj at >
code: alsaconf

Thomas Sailer < sailer at >
documentation: for Ensoniq AudioPCI ES1370/1371 and S3 SonicVibes
demo code: for Ensoniq AudioPCI ES1370/1371 and S3 SonicVibes

Chris David < cd at chrisdavid dot com >
other: information for sound card hardware vendors

Anders Semb Hermansen < ahermans at >
code: soundcard selection code for the ALSA driver
patches and support: patches for mpg123 and driver, active on mailing lists

Christopher Butler < chrisb at >
code: Sound Galaxy driver
patches: SB8 code

Massimo Piccioni < piccio at >
code: Opti9xx drivers, Aztech System AZT2320 driver
code: ALS100 driver, ES968 driver, AD1816A driver

Henrik Theiling < theiling at >
code: Marian/Sek'D Prodif Plus driver

Valentijn Sessink < Valentyn at >
documentation: HOWTO maintainer

John Fulmer < jfulmer at >
documentation: FAQ maintainer

Patrick Shirkey < pshirkey at >
Website/documentation: webmaster and "online docs" creator


MidiMan -
soundcard: MidiMan Delta 1010, 44, Dio 2496

soundcard: Hammerfall, 3x Hammerfall Light

Claus Riethmueller < claus at >
soundcard: Hoontech ST Digital 4DWave NX (Trident NX)
hardware: Hoontech NX DB-I, NX DB-II, ST DB-III
soundcard: Hoontech Digital-XG (YMF744)
soundcard: Hoontech AudioTrack DSP24

Steven Tseng < stseng at >
soundcards: 2x ForteMedia FM801 / STAC9704

Bob Holder < bholder at >
soundcards: 2x Trident 4DWave NX (STAC9704/STAC9708)

Frank Altschuler < faa at >
soundcards: Sound Fusion CS4614/CS4297, Sound Fusion CS4280/CS4297

Hynek Petrak < hynek at >
soundcard: TerraTec 128iPCI (ESS Solo-1 - ES1938S)

Michael Stutz < stutz at >
soundcard: Turtle Beach Malibu

Horace Demmink < horace at >
soundcard: UltraSound 32-Pro (STB)
These soundcards are OEM products of Compaq.

Martins Medens < martins at >
soundcard: Gravis UltraSound Extreme

Roel De Wit < MB164 at > & Utopia Sound Division
soundbank: beta & final Utopia Sound Bank for InterWave based soundcards

Other help

IC Ensemble -
documentation: ICE1712 (Envy24) Datasheet

Tony Romero < Tony.Romero at >
documentation: InterWave (tm) IC Am78C201/202 Programmer's Guide

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